New York, London, Milan and Paris – Our house, covering more than 1800 m2 over fourstoreys houses the finest designer collections and latest trends from the fashion capitals. From casual wear to elegant business wear to glamorous evening gowns, our exclusiverange of women’s fashion includes the most desirable combinations of renowned fashionhouses for every occasion. A constantly changing range of products in European sizes 34-46 (UK 6-18, US 2-14) from such luxury brands as Blumarine and Jenny Packham guarantee aspecial kind of shopping experience. The most discerning of ladies will find what her heartdesires in our house. Friendly advice on dressing your body type complement the overallservice on offer. Alterations are made immediately in house by our experienced tailors anddressmakers, making every visit a fashion experience full of pleasure.

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A sense of style, femininity and elegance: that is what Italian tradition brand Alberta Ferretti embodies. Max Dietl Holt the noble creations exclusively for you in the Bavarian capital Munich, which likes to become the northernmost city in Italy. The designer discovers her passion for fashion at a very young age, after which she has made a new experience in the studio. Shortly thereafter, Alberta Ferretti decided to open her first boutique in Cattolica, Italy, and laid the foundation for her world career. In 1980, Alberta Ferretti founded with her brother Massimo Ferretti, a highly respected company in the fashion industry. Her debut at the Milan Fashion Week follows just a year later.

Alberta Ferretti’s latest collection pays homage to the Italian Renaissance. The attention to detail in combination with Mediterranean lightness is reflected in each part wider. In a modern world, the designer is at the historical origin and the basic idea of ​​the fashion scene and historical history, literature, art and timeliness in her creations. With playful details, classic lace, finest materials and long and short pieces, Alberta Ferretti’s history and modernity become a masterpiece. The designer supports her fashion not only for the person, but also for her strength. With a touch of sensuality and an extra dose of glamor, it sets new standards here.

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Elegant shapes meet first-class details: for official gatherings, the elegant gowns by JennyPackham are always right. Let yourself be enchanted by the large selection of this UKimport at Max Dietl. The elegant couture gowns and floor-length festive robes guaranteeappreciative glances from fashion insiders. After Jenny Packham completed her degree withhonours at London’s famous Central St. Martins College of Art in the 1980s, she foundedthe eponymous label with a focus on luxurious cocktail and evening wear.

Richly decorated with filigree braids of pearl and sequinned embroidery, delicate fabricflowers, ruffles and ribbons as well as exquisite materials, Jenny Packham’s dreamycreations have conquered the fashion world by storm. In the 1990s, the designer hasexpanded her product range to include exclusive wedding fashion. It is no wonder thatroyalty like Princess Kate and stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyoncé wear her nobledesigns to major events – securing her reputation as the most prestigious designer in Britain.

Blumarine 410_200


Add colour to your life with these playful creations: the imaginative designs by Blumarine are composed like works of art at Max Dietl. Founded in Capri by designer Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini in 1977, Blumarine stands out with its feminine silhouettes and playful details. Lush floral patterns, delicate embroidery and fairy-like materials are exemplary of women’s fashion with a romantic twist. Even the label’s name comes from the couple’s preference for the colour blue and their passion for the sea.

Since 1983, the Italian fashion house has featured its coveted ready-to-wear fashion twice a year at Milan Fashion Week. International top models such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford have worked for Blumarine in shows and advertising campaigns. Daughter Rosella Tarabini has assumed creative direction of Blufin, the fashion house’s parent company. Meanwhile, sublabels as Blugirl, Blumarine Uomo and Anna Molinari have become known around the world and deserve a place in every fashion repertoire.

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Haute couture for the special moment: evening gowns of your dreams by Zuhair Murad, available on the four storeys of the Max Dietl in Munich, awaken the desire to show yourself off. Having grown up in Lebanon, Zuhair Murad dreamt from his childhood of escaping into a world full of fantasy. Zuhair Murad sketched his first dress when he was only 10 years of age and the designer cannot remember a day in his life when he did not sketch. After graduation, the artist moved to Paris to study couture design.

In 1997, his dream turned into reality and he opened his first atelier in Beirut for an exclusive clientéle. Over the years, Zuhair Murad has been invited to show his pieces at the Alta Roma Fashion Week and the Haute Couture show in Paris. His company then launched its first ready-towear collection in 2005. Here, too, exclusivity was the focus here on these pieces proudly wearing the “Made in Italy” seal of quality. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively have fallen in love with Murad’s exciting evening dresses.

Leonard Paris 410_200


It all began in 1958 when Jacques Leonard asked Daniel Tribouillard to start a new company: Leonard Fashion. A man of artistic temperament, Daniel Tribouillard set out to differentiate the brand in Haute Couture. In 1960, he launched a revolutionary new process for printing English weaves, that were very fashionable at the time but said to be “unprintable”. His clients were won over and the bold young man was applauded across the globe. In just a few years, encouraged by the success of his much-loved floral prints, Daniel Tribouillard brought the Leonard brand to the world. He developed his style by adopting the orchid as an emblem: a delicate wild flower “without geometric limits”.

Indeed, Leonard’s originality is founded on a unique and recognizable style shared by all of its designs – and also, the fabrics used. In 1968, Daniel Tribouillard presented his first collection of printed silk jersey dresses with a slogan emphasizing the lightness of the fabric: “The Leonard Dress: 150g of happiness”. In the early 70s, the House diversified its production (perfumes, ties, silk scarves…) and created its own distribution network. The years went by, innovations and inventions came one after the other and shaped the brands reputation. In 1994, the House of Leonard joined the French ‘Féderation de la Couture’ and performed its first fashion show at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Moschino 410_200

Italian luxury with irony and humor

The luxurious Italian fashion house Moschino was founded in 1983 by the visionary and versatile designer Franco Moschino. The designer’s heritage and aesthetics were continued by creative director Rossella Jardini, who has been responsible for the brand’s artistic vision since 1994, keeping alive the stylistic and philosophical approach following Franco Moschino’s death (September 18, 1994), and collaborating with she has been working together since 1981. Ms. Rossella Jardini has created a unique vision for Moschino, which is a fusion of the historical characteristics and values ​​of the past and the ever evolving and aspiring style of the present.

The brand consists of the Moschino Pret-a-Porter line, Moschino Cheap and Chic and the young and contemporary label Love Moschino, as well as an extensive collection of accessories including bags, shoes, small leather goods, belts, eyewear, swimwear and perfumes. Each collection displays an unmistakable creativity that combines refined elegance while respecting the ironic and innovative features of Moschino and reaffirming their greatest strength – the reinterpretation of the classics.

PleinSud 410_200


Faycal Amor was born in Tangier in 1949. In Morocco we have learned that it is also possible to study business administration in England. After 1980 as a textile manufacturer in Morocco Amor worked from 1980-1985 as chief designer for Pierre d Àlby in Paris. A year later he founded the Peine Sud fashion. His company is one of the strongest independent companies today.

With his creations the designer implements his vision. With warm and somber colors, the designer adds a very special stamp to his collection. The indestructible Parisian chic is with mystical elements of punks and glam rock. The creations of Plein Sud are presented only to rarities on the international catwalks.

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“BIBI BACHTADZE” is both a proper noun and a pseudonym. BACHTADZE is the given name of Georgian designer and founder Anna Schäfer, whereas BIBI is a nickname she received shortly after moving to Berlin early on in her youth. The symbiosis of the past, of the history of both these names, has become her present. It is this fusion of cultures which has ultimately shaped her.
Or, in the words of Anna Schäfer, the artist: “BACHTADZE is my foundation, my deep roots. The constant and ever-returning part of me. The omnipresent character of my past. BIBI is the fanciful, empathetic and visionary side. It is a crown towering in the sky which catches every fresh breath of wind.

One could say that BIBI BACHTADZE is the authentic expression – my own trademark, my being and at the same time the reflection of the time in which I live and have lived.”

“BIBI BACHTADZE” dresses are a tribute to femininity, an expression of admiration for the mysterious gender who can be simultaneously strong and fragile, innocent yet so amazingly seductive, coldblooded and so caring…
A being that is so magnetically attractive but at the same time so intimidating, denying and forbidding. An anomaly whose opposites unite and reconcile within itself.

8edenavenue 410_200


To meet these expectations, we only use pure Mongolian cashmere and spin, weave and embroider all our scarves by hand on traditional hand looms. “Our project comes from the heart – I had this feeling from the moment I set my eyes on the Indian weavers at the foothills of the Himalayas, high up in Almora. They are very humble, full of love and so dedicated to their work and product. I was immediately enchanted by them. I would love to pay them the appreciation and acknowledgement they simply deserve . It’s about an honest devotion to purity, to quality and of course to beauty. It is less about fast-moving beauty, rather about timeless pieces of jewellery that can become our companions for life.

For us it is important to redefine, what luxury really means today. It is our vision to protect this old hand craft and save it from extinction. My wish is to give something back to these people. I accomplish this by guaranteeing them a safe and fair salary, medical care and an education for their children. At the same time, I would like to convey to my customers a sense that they themselves are making a contribution to this when they are wearing our scarves. At this moment the cycle is complete. True luxury lies in togetherness! Have fun wearing and enjoy” – Jessica Breidt, Owner

Moschino Kopie


Founded in 1984 under the Aeffe group, today Philosophy celebrates the era of New Romanticism with the creative director Lorenzo Serafini, a young designer who has grown and gained experience with some of Italy’s most legendary luxury houses. Femininity and romance, with a touch of glamour, are the stylistic traits of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. The collections are characterized by flowing lines, visually impactful prints, and natural fabrics that are pleasing to the touch. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini offers a sensual yet innocent image.

It is a history of fashion that starts within the criterion of twisted elegance to redefine the balance between timeless beauty and contemporary glamour. Most importantly, Serafini is an Italian designer, for an Italian label, which is also produced in Italy. With his clear and precise direction, the New Romanticism of Philosophy redefines the mentality of knowing how to dress, as well as offering a sense of preciousness and refinement to accentuate the stylistic, communicative, and distributive values of the brand.



Founded in 2015 by the sisters Katharina and Isabelle Staub, INA KESS is a Swiss sports lifestyle brand that moves beyond the current dressing norm, focusing on comfortable yet elegant wear, for everyday use.

It all started with creating the best and most comfortable sports outfit. Soon, the sisters realized that they themselves expected this quality and comfort in their everyday wear, far beyond just sport. Why can comfort and function not go hand in hand with elegance?

Women these days are so versatile, but their wardrobes aren’t. They are forced to continuously make outfit decisions based on activities, usage, and expectations. Katharina and Isabelle realized that material and fit were the key decision drivers as to why women choose what to wear, when. Why not break this open?

They created a signature fabric pallet focusing on comfort, and generated a design language that places the focus on elegant, feminine fits. Combined, these elements created clothing items for everyday use, from sport to business, and from traveling to the dinner party, INA KESS offers elegant comfort, totally throwing the norm of dressing overboard.

The Swiss heritage ensures a clean design language with a core focus on quality. And a European-based material and production focus enables these high standards that INA KESS vows to. Katharina and Isabelle have created a solution for many women to dress with intent yet without losing their sense of style.

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