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STEFANO RICCI, MAN AND THE SEA A love for uncontaminated nature, and for the sea with its horizons open for conquest. The STEFANO RICCI man dresses with contemporary as well as with classical references, in a path of knowledge and culture that expresses quintessential Italian style. A desire to sail through the vivid shades of the sea’s blue. There is a constant call to the timeless pleasure of yachting, protected by matte technical silk blousons and formal pinstripe suits in ultrafine weaves of wool and cashmere. The STEFANO RICCI Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is for the man who lets himself be seduced by the colours and forms of beautiful garments, which blur between excellent sportswear and classics with contemporary silhouettes. Man and the Sea, following Charles Baudelaire’s poem, is a cultivation of freedom reflected in blu Mercurio and blu Poseidon, waterproof and windproof garments that challenge the world, crossing through life with touches of Sunset orange and Syrah red, the certainty of Noce leather and the super chic and urban tone of black. Everything is united by white, the white of shells and of sand, exalting sublime materials such as matted crocodile and hand printed silk. The knit travel jacket has changed, with a strategic map of hidden pockets, without lapels but with a drawstring that defies the seasons. Field jackets and reversible blousons are present for the explorer who in the elegance of STEFANO RICCI finds an unrivalled compass of style. Meadows of Posidonia oceanica seagrass and sea anemones. Pristine waters, boundless patches of Erica arborea, holm oaks and rare ferns. Cala Maestra, Cala del Diavolo. The Fortress that holds many secrets, and the monastery of Saint Mamilian of Palermo, which stands on the remains of a temple said to have been consecrated to Jupiter. Montecristo is an island of wonders, a protected and almost inaccessible nature reserve. It is the territory of native goats and of the Monte Cristo asp vipers that were thrown onto pirate ships. There are abysses, rocks, spring waters and areas of pure freedom for migratory birds. It is here that STEFANO RICCI presents the new collection, in a close encounter with the places and the environment celebrated by Alexandre Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo, where Edmond Dantès finds the treasure that leads to the path of his redemption. And it was from this mysterious treasure that the adventurous gentleman’s coat of arms was inspired: a mountain that stands out against the blue sea and which carries a cross at its summit. It is a story of men and adventure, and a supplement novel has consecrated its charm and mystery. It is a story of men and influence, of courage and willpower. It was this universe of emotions and beauty that inspired Stefano Ricci, who continues his marvelous journey in the world of menswear: a unique style, with deep roots and an infinite view towards the future, a limitless tribute to Made in Italy, with an artistic hand that safeguards the treasures of manufacturing for the masculine lifestyle that is conquering the world.



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