True luxury lies
in togetherness

In times of migration, refugee conflicts, and NGO affairs more and more people start to think about the reasons for those kind of developments. At least most of them would like to help to make the world a better place, but they don’t know where to start. A first step towards a better future could be to make the life of the poor more agreeable by enabling them to have a job and sustaining incomes, e.g. by buying fair-trade products. In order to support them, you should especially have a look on self-sustaining firms.


At the foothills of the Himalayas, up in Almora, Jessica Breidt was passing by and discovered Indian weavers working on scarves by using a traditional hand loom technique, an old hand craft. As the German woman observed how passionate they were dedicated to their work and products, she suddenly felt and realized that those Indians have to be appreciated by a fair salary, medical care and education for their children. Moreover she did not only become a social activist. By asking herself what luxury means today, and questioning our western way of life, she also considered

redefining the term of luxury worth thinking about. Despite a fast-moving fashion industry there should be a change in the peoples view of consumption. Therefore she founded her social business 8EDENAVENUE, a high end fashion label that offers cashmere scarves, blankets and ponchos, made by the self-sustaining weaving enterprise of the Indian workers, which are now connected to the global market. Wearing a piece of hand crafted scarve would become a bigger impact on the global market, the more people would decide to support that business and spread the love!


A Suit for
the Gentlemen
of Today

In the Hands
of Poetry

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