A Suit for
the Gentlemen
of Today


A Suit for the Gentlemen of Today

Looking at all those successful, celebrated men, one thing always stands out: their appearance. George Clooney on the red carpet? Perfectly dressed. David Beckham awaiting a dinner with the queen? A real gentleman in appearance. Or just take James Bond. Whatever struggle he is in, whichever villain he has just faced, he always looks perfectly styled. So what do all these men have in common? What is their secret?

It is the suit. Not that they would all be wearing the exact same type, quite the contrary, they have chosen the path of uniqueness. Suit does not equal suit. Therefore, instead of simply checking what the best brands have to offer, seeking out a tailor is what might distinguish a real gentleman from a simply very well dressed man. Because nothing makes a man look more elegant than a perfectly fitting bespoke suit.

Double exposure concept with businessman wearing modern suit

Classic, yet Unique

It is timeless. Classic, yet unique. A fashion statement that stands for years and does not follow any trends. No matter whether single- or double-breasted, two buttons or three – it is the customer’s choice. He can pick out everything from fit to materials, thereby creating a unique piece of garment that distinguishes himself from the masses. A piece of garment that gives him the appearance of one of those beloved gentlemen. One that perfectly fits his demands. A bespoke suit awards its wearer with just the same amount of elegance, true gentlemen have always given off since they have first been established in Great Britain.

Moreover it awards its wearer with a comfort level a suit off the rack cannot offer. Perfectly fitted and individually tailored around the body, even when it is tried on for the first time, it it should feel like it has been worn for years. A well done bespoke suit simultaneously offers a tight fit and a maximum amount of room to move. That should be the case especially around the shoulders, in the back and on the collar. One could almost say that a good tailor forms the suit just like Michelangelo did his sculptures.

Elegance through Quality

Because in the end, the perfect suit is just like a piece of art. And just like art, it does not only gain its elegance from its appearance. Quality plays a big part. Materials are important. „Making first-class bespoke suits for connoisseurs is my calling,“ our company founder Max Dietl once said. And that is why, thanks to many years of experience in tailoring, at Max Dietl we only use the finest materials available. We offer high quality fabrics from exclusive designer brands such as Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna and Holland & Sherry. They can be tweeds, supple cashmeres or even luxurious vicuna. It is all up to the customer.

He has to feel comfortable in his new suit. Materials and fit have to merge into one elegant garment that almost feels like a second skin. Great things do not come over night, though. They need time. So does a perfect bespoke suit. So, being Germany’s largest bespoke tailor, we figured that our customers might as well enjoy the time they spend with us, doing fittings, picking out the perfect materials, the perfect fit, the perfect style for their personal perfect bespoke suit. In order to do so we offer a 1.800m2 light-filled studio that is also home to our 25 seamsters and seamstresses and three master tailors who do everything they can to create unique suits for unique gentlemen.

True luxury lies
in togetherness

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