STEFANO RICCI Summer Collection 2017

„Made in Italy“ for a man’s suit is a quality stamp as „Made in Germany“ for machines, and both have that one thing in common: „Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.“ This famous quote of Oscar Wilde could be transformed to Stefano Ricci’s curriculum vitae. 45 years ago, in the early 70s, he was offering by a now staid tailoring house what everyone wanted: attitude.

The Art of Elegance – The Kiton Men’s Fall/Winter Collection 2016/17

How would we describe elegance? It is not easy, is it? Of course, pictures come to mind. Some might be of men, wearing suits. Some of women, dressed in stunning robes. But words? Words are hard to find. Whenever we think about elegance, we do so in a visual way. Therefore, one might argue that elegance is an entity which cannot be described verbally. Much rather – much like beauty – it has to be shown, intensely felt, visually perceived.

A Suit for the Gentlemen of Today

Looking at all those successful, celebrated men, one thing always stands out: their appearance. George Clooney on the red carpet? Perfectly dressed. David Beckham awaiting a dinner with the queen? A real gentleman in appearance. Or just take James Bond. Whatever struggle he is in, whichever villain he has just faced, he always looks perfectly styled. So what do all these men have in common? What is their secret?.